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Feb 5, 2020

Before George Romero died, he had been working on a brand new zombie novel titled THE LIVING DEAD ( ). He didn't get to finish it, but happily, author Daniel Kraus has done so, with the approval of the Romero Estate, and Daniel is our guest this episode. Daniel has also co-authored books with Guillermo del Toro: TROLLHUNTERS and THE SHAPE OF WATER.

One of the questions I asked Daniel Kraus was: "If someone were to come up to you and say, 'Daniel, this looks great, but I'm just sick of zombies, even though it's George Romero', what would you say?"

Daniel's beautiful response was: "I know that question because I would have said the same thing... I would say we don't need another zombie book, EXCEPT this one. And the reason is, is that this one is the END. It is the capstone on the guy who started it all. This is his final word on the topic... this concludes the story."

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