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⚑️ A horror podcast that feels like hanging out with friends! A few quotes from listeners:

πŸ˜„ "This podcast helped get me through lockdown. Love it!" - Jennifer Carstens

πŸ˜„ "I usually try to catch your show Sunday afternoons on YouTube. I've come to look at you, Rick, Pete, Matt and others as buddies." - Ed Kinter 

πŸ˜„ "Thanks for reminding me that reading is a joy." - Adam Taylor


🍁 Join us as we discuss cosmic horror, weird fiction, Lovecraftian horror, horror movies, books, and related topics. I mean... all KINDS of related topics. Especially horror. 

🍁 Guests have included Paul Tremblay, Catriona Ward, Laird Barron, Gwendolyn Kiste, Joe Lansdale, and many others!

Jun 25, 2022

⚑️ Paul Tremblay, Nadia Bulkin, and I discuss LAKE MUNGO!!

πŸ™‚ IMPORTANT: This was a Patreon-Only Podcast episode that we did one year ago today. On this anniversary, I'm releasing to everyone.

⚑️ This is just a small taste of the kind of extra content you get when you become a patreon! It's only $5 a month,...

Jun 13, 2022

⚑️ A podcast on cosmic horror, weird fiction, genre topics, Lovecraftian fiction... and more!


⚑️ Did I say "podcast"? Sure! But it's more like joining friends to chat about your favorite horror movies and books, about cosmic horror, weird fiction, and other geeky topics!


πŸ’₯ THIS EPISODE: Laurel Hightower,...